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Email marketing best practices

The old adage, "Knowledge is power," holds particularly true in business today. "What you don't know can hurt you," also fits well — particularly in the field of marketing. Marketing is all about communicating effectively with customers to grow sales and your business. Those that do it well quickly gain market share, while those that don't quickly lose it.

Learning Series: Small Business Email Marketing #101

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Gaining the competitive edge in email marketing

When seeking to gain a competitive marketing advantage, it's useful to stand on the shoulders of those who've been around the block a few times and who have the most knowledge and experience. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 tried-and-true tips to remember when building a successful email campaign, along with additional references to experts-in-the-know.

  1. Keep it Personal: Email is about communicating one-on-one. This means that although you may be sending the email to hundreds or maybe thousands of people, your performance will continue to improve the more you personalize your campaigns.
  2. Avoid Spam: Spam refers to irrelevant and inappropriate email campaign tactics. Do it and you risk penalties enforced by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. While this law is not complicated, it's important to understand how CAN-SPAM affects your email marketing strategy in order to avoid potential penalties.
  3. Look Good & Be Understood: Keep email messages concise, on topic and relevant. Be sure to take advantage of sharp-looking email marketing templates offered by industry experts.
  4. Love Those Numbers: Create, send, measure, test and adjust accordingly for each email campaign. Web analytics and email integration go hand-in-hand to validate ROI.
  5. Content in Context: Long gone are the days when email messages were only getting read on the desktop. Today's content appears on a wide range of mobile devices including the smartphone, tablet and laptop.
  6. Leverage Apps: Real-time access to marketing data offers real-time market opportunity advantages. Use mobile-ready email marketing apps to view email results while on-the-go!
  7. Segment & Leverage Unique Data: Segment your email lists by multiple different combinations of relevant data, such as demographics, geography and buying behavior. Build dynamic segments based on response, survey and social sharing history.
  8. Integrate Knowledge: Integrate email marketing with your other marketing tools to promote knowledge and enhance decision-making. This includes CRM, CMS, ecommerce, social media and web analytics.
  9. Boost ROI: Align email with social media to boost ROI. Set up alerts so that you can engage in digital conversations real time. Take advantage of customer-centric reporting features via CRM and ecommerce platforms to drive increased sales.
  10. Stand on the Shoulders of the Experts: Ensure ongoing access to email marketing know-how. This includes best practices, free "how-to" guides, blogs and webinars.

Why should you care?

If there's one thing certain in the field of marketing, it's change. Techniques that work today may no longer be relevant tomorrow. By connecting your business to those in the know, you'll be able to minimize the risk of getting left behind while also maximizing your competitive advantage. This requires leveraging cloud-based solutions and mobile technologies. To stay connected, you need to first get connected.

Did you know?

...that Emma is recognized for offering best-in-class email marketing services for modern email marketers? Ranked as one of the Top 10 email marketing providers and designed for professionals looking to develop stylish email marketing campaigns, Emma has been around since 2003 and has served over 45,000 micro, small, and mid-sized business accounts.

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