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Need to Hire? Top 10 Benefits to Working with a Staffing Firm

Your people are one of the most important assets in your business. They make decisions every day that affect spending, output, quality, and a whole host of other factors that ultimately impact your bottom line.

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Staffing Firms: What’s in it for my small business?

What defines a business as small is the size of its workforce and not necessarily the size of its bottom line. Working smarter with less while generating high revenues is a particular strength for smaller firms.

In today’s highly competitive business arena, this strength is becoming more and more a matter of having the right people. However, who they are, or when, why and how they work is changing dramatically. As a result, many firms are turning to staffing agencies to provide expertise in numerous areas, including:

  1. Targeted Talent | Finding the exact talent you need, long before you can source it on your own, whether the nature of the work is clerical or highly specialized
  2. Industry Knowledge | Understanding the unique subtleties in your industry when it comes to deploying an effective recruiting strategy
  3. Support | Assisting as a supplemental HR team throughout the total staff placement process
  4. Commitment | Respecting that your long-term success is closely aligned to their long-term success
  5. Trust | Handling all aspects of the staffing relationship confidentially and professionally
  6. Customer Knowledge | Demonstrating knowledge of your company culture as well as the hard and soft skills required to ensure a complete fit
  7. Candidate Preparation | Providing pre-screening and training services to ensure that candidates hit the ground running
  8. Relationship Building | Remembering what’s important to you and your business overall
  9. Growth Oriented | Offering scalable staffing solutions to support business growth, such as help with managing part or all of your recruitment process
  10. Value-Adds | Providing access to other business resources, such as employment and workforce trends

Finding the right talent can be challenging. Rapid market shifts call for new types of skills to keep your small business competitive. Older, more experienced workers are retiring. Younger workers have new expectations about what they want from a career. Access to global talent introduces different cultural and social mores.

A staffing firm can productively address each of these areas while you remain focused on your bottom line.

Did you know?

...that Kelly Services® helps many small businesses with their temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire talent needs? Kelly® plays a role in managing employment opportunities for more than one million workers around the globe by employing 550,000 of these individuals directly and engaging the balance through its talent supply chain network of supplier partners. Contact Kelly or visit Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well.

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