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10-Steps to Venture Launch: A Guide for Launching a Small Business Venture

A highly structured, comprehensive approach for teaching/mentoring adult, post-secondary and high-school learners in launching a small business venture. This teaching/mentoring guide will assist you with:

  • Facilitates experiential learning one step at a time
  • Presents interactive exercises and customizable worksheets
  • Provides access to a national network of public business assistance programs and resources
  • Includes a comprehensive glossary of business management terms
  • Includes "bonus material" on problem solving, goal-setting, tactical evaluation and SWOT analysis


Adult Learners [AL]
Post-Secondary [PS]
High School [HS]

This one-of-a-kind guide transcends beyond entrepreneurial theory by focusing on the actual processes involved in conceptualizing, launching and growing a small business venture. It is designed to provide individuals, undergraduate and graduate students with a strategic framework and working blueprint for turning an entrepreneurial idea into a valid business venture suitable for launch, high growth and sustainability. It has been written by an internationally recognized practitioner and scholar in the field of entrepreneurship.

The text is divided into ten sections that provide a series of interactive steps, plug-and-play templates and customizable worksheets to facilitate experiential learning. Formatted for classroom, counseling or self-learning applications, the educational approach facilitates identification of entrepreneurial aptitude, concept validation, business strategy development and venture launch. Business topics covered include skills assessment, business opportunities, marketing, business planning, forecasting, breakeven, cash flow management and networking. Additional features include references to a national network of no- and low-cost government and nonprofit business assistance programs and online business templates.

In short, as a teacher/mentor you will take learners through a comprehensive process of:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Business Idea
  3. Market Research & Analysis
  4. Management Skills
  5. Business Planning
  6. Forecasting
  7. Financing
  8. Resource Networks
  9. Business Launch
  10. Monitoring Progress

The 10-Step learning program is suitable for adult, post-secondary and high school learners as a classroom, counseling or community-based teaching/mentoring program. Student, mentee or client workbooks may be purchased separately.

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10-Steps to Venture
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