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"How-To" Publications and TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDES supporting career development through interactive, step-by-step resume-writing, self-focusing and internship instruction.

Resume-Writing Guide: Write the optimum resume through instruction and sample resume layouts [AL|PS|HS]

Resume Writing-Guide ~ $9.95

MyIndividual Learning Plan (ILP) for Life A non-judgmental, hands-on, experiential process of self-discovery in uncovering your inherent talents, goals and purpose, and a planning strategy for implementation to achieve career and life objectives. [AL|PS|HS|MS]

MyILP for Life, Individual Workbook ~ $19.95

TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE - MyIndividual Learning Plan for Life: Assist adults, youth, Veterans, women, individuals with disabilities and anyone in transition to develop a focus around personal and career goals, and an implementation strategy for achieving objectives. Suitable for working with a group or one-on-one, this comprehensive Guide provides detailed instructions for facilitating a hands-on, non-judgmental process of self-discovery, goal setting and planning. [TRAINER]

MyILP for Life, Teaching/Mentoring Guide ~ $29.95

Internship Guides for Students, Employers and Academic Representatives: Facilitate productive internship experiences using step-by-step interactive guides for all three internship collaborators. [AL|PS|HS]

All three (3) Internship Guides ~ $29.95

Internship Guide for Students ~ $12.95
Internship Guide for Employers ~ $12.95
Internship Guide for Academic Representatives ~ $12.95


"How-To" Publications and TEACHING MENTORING GUIDES providing interactive, step-by-step instruction for launching a self-employment venture.

5-Steps to Successful Self-Employment: A Guide to Launching a Self-Employment Venture What if there were no limits to your ideas and dreams? What if there was a way for you to use step-by-step instructions and worksheets to assess your skills, self-employment ideas, profitability and long-term success? This 5-Step Workbook offers practical guidance for taking you through every step from venture concept to launch. [AL|PS|HS]

Praised as one of the Best Business Books for Women

5-Steps to Successful Self-Employment ~ $29.95

TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE - 5-Steps to Self-Employment: Assist students/mentee through an interactive, step-by-step process for launching a self-employment venture. [TRAINER]

TEACHING/MENTOR GUIDE: 5-Steps to Self-Employment ~ $39.95


"How-To" Publications and TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDES providing interactive, step-by-step instruction for launching a small business venture including how to write a business plan and funding proposal.

10-Steps to Venture Success: A Guide to Launching a Small Business Take the first step of what is an exciting and rewarding adventure for many individuals - owning and succeeding in your own business. This 10-Step Workbook provides detailed instructions from validating your business skills and concept, to launching your new venture and monitoring progress over time. [AL|PS|HS]

Awarded Top 10 Self-Help Business Book

10-Step Guide to Launching a New Business ~ $34.95

TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE - 10-Steps to Venture Launch: Assist students/mentee through an interactive, step-by-step process for launching a self-employment venture. [TRAINER]

TEACHING/MENTOR GUIDE: 10-Steps to Venture Launch ~ $89.95

Business Planning Guide (BPG) A handbook to help you design, write and use a business plan and a financing proposal tailored to your specific business needs. [AL|PS|HS|MS]

Business Planning Guide (BPG) ~ $29.95


"How-To" Publications and TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDES providing interactive, step-by-step instruction for productively managing the growth and sustainability of self-employment and small business ventures once they are launched. [AL|PS|HS]

SMLS (CS01) Cash Flow The Eight Steps to Controlling Your Cash Before It Controls You

SMLS Workbook #SMLS-01, Cash Flow ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS02) Forecasting Understand Where You Want To Go, Then Plan How To Get There

SMLS Workbook #CS-02, Forecasting ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS03) Management Control Decide what needs to be done, who will do it, and how you will know when it is completed

SMLS Workbook #CS-03, Management Control ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS04) Target Marketing Decide what needs to be done, who will do it, and how you will know when it is completed

SMLS Workbook #CS-04, Target Marketing ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS05) Time Management Time is an asset - once gone, it's gone

SMLS Workbook #CS-05, Time Management ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS06) Financing Use and abuse

SMLS Workbook #CS-06, Financing ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS07) Human Resources The right personnel for the right reasons

SMLS Workbook #CS-07, Human Resources ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS08) Inventory Control Inventory control = Profit control

SMLS Workbook #CS-08, Inventory Control ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS09) Marketing Communications The Nine Steps

SMLS Workbook #CS-09, Marketing Communications ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS10) Credit & Collections Easy to put out, hard to get back

SMLS Workbook #CS-10, Credit & Collections ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS11) Strategic Analysis The sum of the parts equals more than the whole

SMLS Workbook #CS-11, Strategic Analysis ~ $12.95

SMLS (CS12) Knowledge Management Systems Turning people, process, and technology into knowledge

SMLS Workbook #CS-12, Knowledge Management Systems ~ $12.95

Set of all 12 Strategic Management Learning System (SMLS) Workbooks Develop each of the above 12 core business management skills and operational systems using step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies and customizable worksheets. [AL|PS|HS]

Save over 30%
Order the complete Common Sense SMLS Series (12 workbooks) for only $99.95

TEACHING/MENTORING GUIDE for 12 Strategic Management Learning System (SMLS) Topics: A teaching/mentoring guide for group or 1-on-1 training of 12 core business management disciplines and operational systems. Includes detailed instructions for teaching/mentoring objectives, outlines and time frames for covering each topic. [TRAIN]

Teaching/Mentoring Guide for 12 SMLS Topics ~ $89.50

TEACHING/MENTORING CD-ROM for 12 SMLS Topics: Contains PowerPoint presentations for each of 12 SMLS Topics, as well as Marketing Materials for promotion and additional reference materials to support individual and group instruction. [TRAIN]

Teaching/Mentoring CD-ROM for 12 SMLS Topics ~ $39.95


"How-To" Publications providing interactive, step-by-step instruction for developing centralized business management systems and business lifecycle strategies.

Strategic Knowledge Management Workbook (SKMW) A step-by-step guide for developing, implementing and controlling knowledge management systems in small to mid-sized businesses. Includes comprehensive worksheets for developing knowledge systems and immediately applying what is learned to the specific business environment. [AL|PS]

Strategic Knowledge Management Workbook (SKMW) ~ $29.95

Panic, People and Process: The 3-Stages of the Business Life Cycle A comprehensive guide for how to start a business, how to develop core business management systems and how to facilitate growth and succession planning. Includes links to additional on-line learning materials, worksheets and local free and low-cost government and public business development programs. [AL|PS]

Panic, People and Process ~ $39.95

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