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SCORE Counselor's Tool Kit

Leverage the network to further promote your SCORE Chapter and assist clients with locating the resources they require to achieve their business objectives.

Promote Your SCORE Chapter

The BUZGate network refers on average, over 240,000 individuals per month to US SBA small business assistance programs including SCORE. To make sure we are referring users to the right Chapter information, please visit BUZGate's alphabetical list of public assistance programs, scroll down to "S" for SCORE Chapter listings and click on your listing to review content. Select "Update Record" at the bottom of the listing to submit any requested changes or updates.

Promote SCORE Workshops

If your SCORE Chapter maintains a Web page for workshops or other events, please contact us with the specific URL for this page and we will add it to your SCORE Chapter listing so that our users may also visit this page directly.

Facilitate SCORE Client Growth

Scroll below or choose any one of the following links to assist your clients with that topic:

Leverage Free Business Planning & Mentoring Platform

For SCORE clients that may benefit from a highly structure, step-by-step business planning approach, the 5 Steps to Successful Self-Employment a no-cost mentoring platform. Through a series of interactive steps, clients address business suitability, define their business concept, develop breakeven and forecasting projections, and compile a business planning framework and monitoring strategy.

Help by Expressed Client Need

There are a myriad of other public assistance programs available to assist you in serving the diverse needs of your SCORE clients. For example, select from any one of the following to refer your clients to programs in those areas:

Help by Operational Need

Help your clients by educating them on the latest technologies and other contemporary business solutions relative to their specific operational need:

Start-Up FAQs

There are several issues that are common to most all start-ups. Select from the following to help your SCORE client connect with the right solution relative to their needs:

Help by Stage of Business

Another way to assist SCORE clients in learning about and connecting with needed and available public business assistance resources is to introduce them to programs based on what "stage of business" they are at as follows:

Help with Business Funding

There are a wide range of approaches that SCORE clients can take in addressing business funding needs and each can vary depending on what stage of business they are at. For some of these approaches, select from the following options:

Help with Business Development & Marketing

There are a wide range of approaches that SCORE clients can take in addressing venture development and marketing interests and each can vary depending on what stage of business they are at. Select from the following options to learn more:

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