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Train myBiz

5 Step Venture eMentoring Program™

Session 2: Business Idea

Module 2b: Personal Skills Inventory

The next step in developing your business idea is to conduct a personal skills inventory. Here you can list areas of your personal background, such as any special training, skills, education, and job experiences that you have. What do you already know how to do? Could you do any of your past jobs by working for yourself? What past responsibilities have you had? What tasks are you comfortable completing? What are you skilled at? What can you offer to customers that other businesses are not currently offering?

Instructions: Read this list carefully, complete the form, and be as honest with yourself as possible. Your answers will help to identify potential business ideas. Once completed, review this list and talk it over with someone else - your partner, mentor or counselor. Using this as a basis for discussion can often uncover other issues affecting the business development process.

Please fill in questions proceeded by a double asterisk and marked in red

Personal Skills Inventory
a. List below skills you have acquired through your various activities

1. Educational Background

2. Special Training Received

3. Work/Career Experiences

4. Sports Activities or Recreation

5. Other Skills Acquired

b. With reference to the prior categories, respond to the questions below

1. What are some of the areas where you are most skilled? What do you already know how to do?

2. Which of the skills do you take the most pleasure in using? Why?

3. What industries or businesses do you have experience in?

4. What responsibilities, tasks, or duties have you had in the past? Would you want to do these things as a part of your own business?

5. Are there ways that your current skills, training, experience, or education could improve upon an existing product, process or business idea?

6. What could you offer to customers that other businesses are not currently offering?

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