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Session 4: Business Proposal

Module 4f: Marketing and Outreach
What are your plans and arrangements for merchandising, marketing, business development, advertising and for getting the cooperation and interest of the community in the enterprise?

How is someone going to find out about your business? If you are selling Whirligigs off your front lawn, do any potential customers actually drive past your house? Here is where thinking "out of the box" may help you to develop some low-cost ways to promote your product or service. Remember the distinction between Promotion and Advertising as outlined in Step 2. Here as well is where finding some outside help can be extremely valuable. There are many free counseling resources that can help you develop an effective and low-cost marketing and outreach strategy. Discuss with your counselor or mentor how you might connect with these resources.

If you've completed Step 2f: Advertising and Marketing Strategy during this session, the following fields will be populated with your answers. If you've completed 2f at another time, you should have an email record of the results. Otherwise, please go to Step 2f: Advertising and Marketing Strategy and complete the form.

Advertising and Marketing Strategy

Promotion: List 5 ideas to promote your business - list why you think they will work:

Please see Step 2f

Advertising: List 5 advertising venues available to reach your market. List how much each will cost and why you think they will work:

Please see Step 2f
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