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5 Step Venture eMentoring Program™

Session 4: Business Proposal

Module 4d: Market Opportunity

Is there a need for the proposed service or business in the community?

Without a market and customers, you cannot have a business. All too often, people become so excited about their business idea that they forget to check on this important point. Here you start by writing down the key reasons why someone would buy from you (versus someone else), who they are, and how many are there. In Step 2, under the market planning section, you answered a number of important questions. Take some time now to review these answers; it will help you to write the answers to this section.

In this session the goal is to examine the reasons you believe that there will be a market for your goods or services. We also showed you a number of sources for market data.

The key to answering this marketing question is to make it all personal.

If you've completed Step 2e: Market Analysis during this session, the following fields will be populated with your responses. If you've completed this step at another time, you should have an email record of the results. Otherwise, you may go to Step 2e and complete the exercise, or enter your ideas below.

Please fill in questions proceeded by a double asterisk and marked in red

Marketing Summary

1. Who will buy your goods/services?

2. Why will they buy them?

3. How many are in this group? or groups?

Competitive Analysis

4. Who is the competition?

5. How does your pricing compare with the competition?

6. Three reasons the potential customers will buy from you

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