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NHBR Awards Celebrate Business Excellence

Thursday, October 11, 2007
Cindy Kibbe

NHBR Business Excellence Award

Fifteen businesspeople from 13 industries across the state were honored Wednesday night for their determination, industriousness, innovation and achievements at the fifth annual New Hampshire Business Review Business Excellence Awards.

These individuals were recognized for going above and beyond what it means to do business in New Hampshire. While each of them run or own a successful small business or organization, it is their vision, commitment, resourcefulness and generosity that embody the award's spirit.

Each year, dozens of deserving nominations are submitted and because this year's candidates were particularly strong, a number of finalists were also mentioned in addition to the winners. All winners, finalists and nominees and, especially the nominators, are congratulated for all their hard work and for contributing to much of what makes New Hampshire not only such a great place to do business, but a great place to live as well.

In the category of Business Services the winner was Deborah Osgood, cofounder of Knowledge Institute and of Exeter, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has many resources to help businesses that are just starting out, as well as for those who already have a track record of success. But that's the problem - we have so many, it's hard for business owners to figure out where to start.

Deborah Osgood thought so, too.

In the 1990s, she and her husband William created the Knowledge Institute and its Business Utility Zone Gateway, or, as it is known.

Part Web portal, part forum, points users to the information they need in just a few mouse clicks, drilling through literally millions of resources available in the Granite State and across the country.

What's more - use of is free to users. It's paid for by private sponsorships.

In addition to, the Knowledge Institute oversees myVirutal Business Incubator and currently serves over 1,000,000 small businesses and facilitates business-to-business relationships in all 50 United States and internationally.

Deborah is active in other business organizations as well. She serves as a SCORE counselor, judges Start-Up NH Business Plan contests and MIT Entrepreneurial Forums, and chaired the first Entrepreneurship USA statewide initiative for engaging youth in entrepreneurship. Most recently she has been mentoring an Iraqi business woman through a U.S. State Department pilot program.

But Deborah is far more than just business. She actively participates in many children's charities, nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Some of the organizations to which she lends her talents include the Youth Development Center, the Youth Leadership Program, Jobs for America's Graduates and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

If knowledge is power, Deborah Osgood of the Knowledge Institute is very powerful indeed, and she has made New Hampshire and even the nation a little stronger because of her efforts.

That is why she is tonight's winner for Excellence in Business Services.

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