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Staffing Solutions for Highly Skilled Needs

As the economy improves and competition for talent grows even tighter, many companies are realizing the need to change the way they approach staffing. Securing the right talent needs to happen faster. Productivity needs to be more aligned with the bottom line. It’s about having access to talent just-in-time and on-demand.


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On Demand Talent Acquisition

America’s workforce is becoming more fluid. Companies are hiring talent on an "as needed" basis across multiple disciplinary areas. This includes clerical and light industrial work as well as more specialized talent, such as:

  • Information Technology in the area of hardware, software, across multiple platforms and for different levels of responsibility
  • Engineering talent across specialized industries and disciplines
  • Science across multiple positions and verticals in scientific and clinical research
  • Finance & Accounting at all levels from entry to strategic, as well as specialized arenas, such as biotechnology, insurance, manufacturing, technology, or oil and gas
  • Law with pools of state, national and global of legal talent
  • Government at the federal level and for suppliers including prime and set aside business contractors

In addition to changing workforce needs, how we manage workers is also changing. This has led to smaller firms using outsourced solutions in two key areas:

#1: Flexible Workforce Solutions:

  • Temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire staffing needs
  • Broader skill sets accessible through Independent Contractor and Freelancer relationships
  • Global talent reach

#2: Workforce Management Expertise:

In short, starting a business leads to growing a business, and growing a business requires access to quality talent. Make sure you know where to find the people you need.

Did you know?

...that Kelly® offers a lot more than temporary staffing solutions? Understanding that job seekers need to remain informed, Kelly® offers a free Kelly Jobs App to provide candidates with the latest job updates, career advice, and guidancee. For employers, Kelly offers The Talent Project iPad app and access to a Business Resource Center for the latest information and content related to staffing efficiency and innovation. They also provide a comprehensive array of Business Services.

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