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The Business Utility Zone Gateway ( is an award-winning entrepreneurial education and resource community tailored to the interests and needs of freelancers, the self-employed, small and medium-sized business owners in all 50 states, District of Columbia (DC) and Puerto Rico (PR). Choose your state to discover and connect with free government and nonprofit small business assistance programs, as well as multiple learning series targeted to supporting venture start-up, growth and profitability.
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Thanking our Champions of Small Business Education and Development.

Search For Free Small Business Help and Mentoring by Type of Need in Your Local Area
As a further option to locating free small business help, mentoring, resources and solutions in your local area; choose from the following free small business help program topics. You will then be prompted to choose your state to connect with that specific type of free small business help in your local business community. All programs are tailored to the entrepreneurial interests and needs of women, veterans, minorities, disabled, SOHO, self-employed, students and small business owner: